Thameslink Project - Blackfriars London

Lundy Projects were awarded the prestigious contract for the design and build of the Thameslink Resignalling Project at Blackfriars, London.

This difficult and challenging project required a new approach to installation of multi track gantries on Victorian Viaducts through South London. The team were faced with designing and installing foundations and structures that would satisfy the train clearance and envelope requirements and yet remain within the NR boundaries.

Occupied viaducts prohibited the use of extended gantry legs outside the viaduct parapets. All along the route the land and areas below the signal sighting locations were generally occupied by local business in the crowded capital.

Insufficient room between track and viaduct heads prohibited undertrack foundations.


Lundy designed a new foundation concept that would span mid points of viaducts, enabling the foundation to be prepared in limited blocks and handed back to open traffic after each shift.


Utilisation of pre cast signal foundations for single signal posts was also utilised to reduce pharmacy no rx disruption and be installed during limited possessions.






The final gantry to be installed was at the outlet of Blackfriars Station and on the South Bank opposite St Pauls Cathedral. This photo was the last possession in a successful project.

The successful completion brought recognition buy phentermine uk to the Thameslink Team and they were awarded Outstanding Individual Project Award 2009 – 2012.

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