West Coast Project

001Lundy Projects were invited by the Railtrack Core Team to develop the new concept in High Speed Signalling systems and structures. Following the Lord Cullen report, numerous changes were recommended for the new high speed systems, access, sighting and maintenance access.

Over a 2 year period Lundy developed alongside the Core Team the new concept for the West Coast. Working with maintenance and other interested parties to Form A design Concept was completed.
The system encompassed relocateable signal cages that could be re sighted within 2 hours to run in parallel with the many S+C installation being undertaken. This proved highly successful as the signals could be re sighted by the concept of a 'window cleaners basket' which slid along the gantry boom and housed all the signalling aspects. Any apertures in handrailing access to these baskets were quickly addressed and modified allowing full S+C and signalling installations to run smoothly.


A typical signal house cage being installed on one of the gantries on the West Coast, the clip on cage could be moved along the gantry complete with signal furniture and re sighted without the use of cranes or rail plant in a matter of hours.


Lundy were successful in being awarded the supply and installation of over 70% of the West Coast requirements from 2001 to 2009. These routes included:

  • Watford Bletchley
  • Milton Keynes
  • Trent Valley
  • Norton Bridge.

Working alongside Network Rail and their appointed design houses Lundy were able to bring influence and change to standard practices. Enabling and multi track gantries to be install without over running possession times.


Lundy developed the concept of steel base-frames directly connected to driven piles to remove the requirement for wet trades. This process alone improved pharmacy installation times by 3 weeks per location. It eliminated formwork, pouring and curing of concrete, striking and removal on completion.


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