Lundy have their own Plant Operator License issued by Network Rail and have invested in new plant and equipment to support their developing services portfolio.


Investing in new Colmar machines and trailers to support our Movax and piling hammers has greatly enhanced our output on various projects.


Significant investment in our own plant which can be delivered on our own transport has improved our overall control of weekend deliverables.


Our Gators and trailers coupled with our man carriers have proved invaluable in isolated areas where access is limited. The gators have improved productivity during recent major trough route installations for transportation of materials quickly to various sites.





Piling works in preparation for foundations.

Our new Colmar T10000’s with double  cabs are fitted with ALO electro mechanical slew restrictors for ‘adjacent line open’ working. Lundy's new 25T hydraulic hammer capable of driving 610 diameter piles is RRV mounted and operated by our own staff.




Our transport comprises of tractor units with over-night sleepers to ensure our deliveries get to site early and afford our drivers rest and comfort whilst waiting  to offload. This enables us to deliver during silent hours and avoid the busy traffic and road jams experienced in most major cities and highways. Both units have the capability of 70t/m hiabs to offload themselves or offload others reducing our overall cost for crane hire.




The images below show:

  • De-vegetation and excavation prior to formwork for gantry foundations
  • Mass pour signal gantry foundation
  • The finished gantry

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