Sustainability is an integral part of driving our business.

13 May 2019

At Lundy we recognise that sustainability is an integral part of driving our business as an responsible, efficient, successful and continual improving operation.

It is our intent and commitment to create an attitude and culture throughout our organisation and supply chain which actively seeks the inclusion of social, economic and environmental sustainability in everything we do.

Lundy value and believe in business relationships that inspire and attract a diverse and inclusive work force and supply chain, we work closely with local communities creating a legacy of excellence by exceeding the expectations of our lineside neighbours and the wider community.

For Lundy to deliver and maintain high standards requires investment and continual improvement, we have committed to Partner the Supply Chain Sustainability School to further enhance our knowledge, understanding and to share and gain best practice.

Additionally, the fundamental values of the school are aligned to our company Sustainable Delivery Strategy 2020.