About Us

Our Safety & Wellbeing

We believe that we can eliminate all injuries through our commitment to health and safety in the workplace. We recognise not only the legal duty to look after our staff but there is also the moral and enthusiastic commitment to ensure all our staff stay safe.

As part of our commitment to safety and wellbeing we have introduced our Work Safe Home Safe slogan that encompass’ and helps to embed the message in all our works.

This is supported by a positive safety culture where everyone has a voice. Our primary goal is to ensure that everyone in our teams, client and the surrounding public goes home every day.

Our active approach to health and safety ensures that it is always at the forefront of every decision throughout the life cycle of a project from concept through to completion. Our culture is safety, it defines our values and our vision.

Work Safe Home Safe

Through our Work Safe Home Safe programme, we have engaged nearly all members of staff to ensure a target is met. We actively encourage all members of staff to take responsibility for their own safety and of those around them. Our operations will;

  • Put safety into the heart of design
  • Improve workforce and supply chain engagement
  • Reduce work related ill-health and promote wellbeing though initiative and support
  • Review investment to maximise risk reduction
  • Enable improvements though culture change increasing maturity
  • Believe, together we are better

Safe Road Home

We understand that we cannot control the environment outside of our work sites, but we can make a difference. We can ensure that our vehicles are fit for purpose and maintained. We can ensure our staff are trained, educated and made aware of the risks which will keep our staff and other road users safer.