About Us

Our Sustainability

At Lundy Projects we believe that good management of our economic, social and environmental impacts is fundamental to maintaining a strong business.

It is our intent to create a culture throughout our organisation and supply chain which seeks the inclusion on sustainable outcomes in all areas of our business operations. We appreciate our works can have an impact on the surrounding environment and communities and it is our intention that everyone within Lundy Projects has a role to play in making us a more sustainable operation and good neighbour.

Protecting the environment in the course of our operations and activities is a sign of a responsible business. Preventing pollution and environmental damage, we believe makes us more efficient. We believe that these decisions are as much a personal responsibility as much as a business decision.

Our vision is to long term engage our teams maintaining a high performing culture, in the fabrication and construction activities, but also to educate and empower our people to make the right decisions that minimise the impact to our environment and local communities.

We will always make the decisions based on our understanding of the risks and opportunities both now and in the future. We will use this information to best determine where to invest our resources to make our business more sustainable. As a minimum we will comply with legislation as a forward driven business we will make our best decisions and reduce our impact around the areas noted below: